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Guinness World Records, the hottest chili pepper of 2021 : Carolina Reaper !

This year, the Carolina Reaper is at the top of the spiciest rankings, with an HP22B of 220,000 on the Scoville scale.

As we know, peppers are rich in vitamins and antioxidants, ideal to fight the cold and in addition it helps to burn fat. So it’s a very healthy food.

But what makes chili so hot? 

Capsaicin is the substance that gives the spiciness. It is powerful enough to pierce the layer of a latex glove and, when you blend the chili, we must be very careful not to inhale the vapors because they are very strong...

Think of the Calabrian chili, which for us Italians is among the hottest (25,000 SHU), compared to the Carolina Reaper winner of the Guinness World Records 2017, which has an average spiciness of 2,200,000 SHU, appears "light". Also compared to the old winner the Trnidad Morunga scorpion reaching an average of 2.009.231 SHU.

At first, when you taste it, it doesn’t look so strong, but then, after a few seconds begins to burn for several minutes... a very strong feeling. 

A single chili pepper is enough to get some very spicy dishes. It’s one of a kind and there are several articles that explain it just visit the site dedicated to him (Carolina Reaper HP22B).Il team italiano di tenta di incrociare il Carolina Reaper per ottenere un peperoncino ancora più piccante L'obbiettivo sembra essere vicino.

Where to buy: 

The possibilities to buy it are various:

• in specialised shops

• on farms where crops are grown

• online from specialized websites that support agricultural land.

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