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When is the time to pick the chili?

When you want to collect our beloved chili we must necessarily pay attention to important details such as:


in order to understand if the chili has reached the complete maturation we must observe the color, this is true for most of the species. Some types of chilli are distinguished by a color ranging from green to red.

The color change starts from the top until it reaches the center, so after a few days you can proceed to the collection.

Maturation is a very important indicator, because it determines the quality of chili that if harvested too soon, has low levels of capsaicin and we will have a not spicy chili.


Tasting: the tasting test is very important to understand if the fruit has reached the right maturation. We detach one of the smallest and if tasting it we feel the burning of capsaicin the fruit is ripe. In fact, this technique is not really necessary because it is very rare that chili does not change color when it has reached maturity , remember the Pimenta de Nayde.