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Chili peppers: scottex method germination: 

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If we want to grow chilli seeds in an easy and safe way, the scottex method is the most appropriate one. Especially for those types of plants that need more time for their growth (about 120 days).

Plastic containers (glasse) can be used to accelerate the process even more.

What to do

First we must have plastic containers available, where we will place a sheet of scottex on the bottom and then we will put the seeds.

It’s good practice to avoid mold formation, wash the seeds well and immerse them for a few days in chamomile.

This also facilitates germination because it softens the outside of the seed.

Then the seeds are to be rinsed and put well spaced on the scottex that we have previously placed in the container.

The place of the containers is a crucial step: we must avoid direct light and make sure that the paper always remains damp. Later, the presence of some droplets will confirm that our procedure is correct.

Warning: avoid that the scottex dry completely, otherwise the buds die for lack of water.

Temperature and humidity

To obtain a germination within a week the temperature must remain three 20/30 degrees and not exceed 30.

This we can guarantee if the plastic container is inserted in a cardboard one with a heat source (a simple light bulb is fine) and a temperature monitoring

Exposing buds in sunlight 

When the buds have a root we can put them in other containers, with the soil inside, making sure that the root ( not the seed) is completely covered.

At this stage it is very important that the plants have a lot of light , obviously gradually and without exaggerating with the water.

In fact, if this were not the case, the process of growth of the seedlings would take place in height, because they would look for light, resulting in weakening of the plant that would not be able to complete the ripening of the fruits.

Photo of germination scottex method

When we use the scottex method the root that is generated will be whitish, after you can bury being careful to place it downwards.