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Soil for chili peppers:

When we deal with seeding, the main thing to take into account is the choice of soil that has a fundamental role for the success of our work: it must have all the nutrients that the plant needs to grow strong and vigorous. Depending on where we live, if in the north or south of Italy, the periods for sowing vary depending on the temperature: in the south you can start planting the first seeds around the middle of March ( temp. 5/10 degrees), while in the north we can in April.

If we want instead to have already some plants in March April, then it is recommended the indoor chili.

With the help of artificial lights you can get the fruits obviously in a controlled environment.

Advice on buying soil

As previously said, the loam is fundamental and the choice must be equally accurate, it is preferable a soft and fine-grained loam, that does not hinder the growth of the roots in the first months of life.

The pH can vary between 4.5 and 6.5; the soil is preferable with an average acidity and light .

In the cultivation of the plant it is necessary to favour the drainage of water and to make the soil rich of organic substances.

Avoid to suffocate the roots using a soil that is not clayey, you can use as an aid the perlite-pumice-vermiculite compound.

One method of achieving germination in 3 to 4 weeks is to keep the temperature above 20 weeks C.