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How to harvest and store chili peppers' seeds

Chili is a fruit that can be consumed fresh, or can be dried.

We always recommend the use of gloves, a pointed knife and a cutting board.

Harvesting guide

To preserve the seeds, it must be emptied with a simple cut at the ends, remove the white part and wash the seeds well.

This way if we keep the white part we favor the full ripening of the seeds that will receive the essential oil of Capsaicin that the placenta releases while dry

Store guide

For the little fleshy seeds it is recommended to use sheets of paper towels and to keep them warm for a few days, then they can be stored in a jar.

To remove the seeds is very simple, just touch them that immediately leave the placenta. Then we have to find a cool, dark and dry place, a cardboard box with some rice is fine to absorb the remaining moisture. In this way the seeds can be maintained for at least three years.

Since Capsaicin is the element that gives spiciness to chili the placenta can be used in the kitchen to season the dishes.